PLEASE NOTE when Auditioning for a play or musical: Auditions will consist of cold readings of portions of the scripts and recital of an optional monologue unless otherwise noted in each individual show.  Auditions are subject to the Directors’ discretion.

Musical Comedy Murders of 1940  AUDITIONS

Directed by Allenda Jenkins
Auditions: Saturday, January 18, 2020 and Sunday, January 19, 2020 starting at 6pm

Whidbey Playhouse STAR Studio, 730A Midway Blvd, Oak Harbor, WA 98277


Open auditions are on Saturday, January 18 starting @ 1pm & Sunday, January 19 starting @ 6pm  Call Backs, if needed will be Tuesday, January 21 @ 6pm. Short monologues are provided below for each of the characters. Please memorize the monologue for the audition. You may also be asked to read from sides, which will be provided at the audition. Those auditioning for Nikki, Eddie, O'Reilly, or Roger should be prepared to sing from either "Oklahoma" or "Carousel." If you are auditioning for Helsa, please sing "The Boys in the Back Room."

Snowed in at their wealthy patron’s Westchester estate, a creative team reunites to launch a new show – stalked by the “Stage Door Slasher,” who haunted their last Broadway flop. (NOT a musical. YES a comedy!)

All roles are open.

There are 5 roles for women age 20-60+. There are 5 roles for men age 20-60+.

 The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 will run April10 to 26, at WPH. There will not be a performance on Easter Sunday. A Saturday Matinee has been added Saturday, April 25 to replace the Easter show. Allenda Jenkins is directing.

Helsa Wenzel Late 20s

Helsa is the maid of the Grossenknueten estate. She is killed in the first scene of the play, only to be impersonated by her twin brother, Dieter. The actress who plays Helsa also appears at the end of the play as "Katrina, the cook from Koblenz." The actress playing Helsa must be able to do a convincing German accent. This is a challenging role, very much in the "Victor/Victoria" mode. The actress must be able to convince the audience that she is Dieter, who is a female impersonator, when she is "revealed." This character is also involved in two very physical "fight" scenes.

Monologue: (with a thick German accent) I am of triplets. Sisters. But they are in Germany. (after a pause) My mutter und vater worked in Berlin as laborers in the Government printing plant. In 1923 they died, when a carton which contained marks, the equivalent of five American dollars fell on them und they were crushed. (breath) My sisters und I were raised by relatives. We saw each other only on Weinachtsabend, when we met to decorate the Weinachtsbaum, und give out the Weinachtsgeschenke. (pause) My point is...I did not know my sisters!

Elsa Von Grossenknueten Mid 40s

Elsa is the owner of the mansion and is the financial backer of many musicals. Elsa summons the group together in an attempt to find out who murdered her "friend" Bebe McAllister. She is extremely eccentric, and thinks that the idea of chasing after a killer is great fun. Her grandfather was a spy, and she claims that espionage runs in her blood.


Monologue: (enthusiastically) My dear, these are actors, producer, director, composer, lyricist, coming to get MY money for their Broadway show. Nothing short of the end of the world will stop them, certainly not a little snow. And I must tell you, espionage is in my blood, Sergeant, I won't fail you! (picking up a make up kit) Poor dead Bebe's Deco make-up kit. Being au courant was so important to her. And now...she is anything but. And this notebook of hers may reveal a murderer. Oh Sergeant, this is going to be a grand adventure, isn't it? And I've planned a perfectly grand menu for the occasion. To begin...a tureen of December frit, followed by lobster on dill.... Oh sorry, we should get you to your room to rest for tomorrow's events!

Michael Kelly

Mid 40s

Kelly is an undercover cop. Elsa appeals to him to help solve the mystery of the Stage Door Slasher. Kelly's tough, no-nonsense attitude puts him at odds with the zany Elsa and the dramatic types that visit. He is kidnapped by an unseen figure and disappears into a secret passage. Ideally, the actor playing Kelly will be of an ethnicity other than white, there is a joke within the script when Elsa comments that she thought all NYC policemen were Irish. To which he responds: "We are."

Monologue: I'm in charge of this investigation and I say you are staying here. This is a murder investigation and I'm a cop. This has gone too far for adventures, Miss Grossenknueten. I am Michael Kelly of the New York City Police Department here on the case of the stage door slasher. The killer is working too damn fast. He didn't go for you or the notebook. He went for someone who obviously could have exposed him. And not just once. We've had two murders, maybe three. Maybe four, if we count O'Reilly who is missing.

Patrick O'Reilly Mid 30s

O'Reilly claims to be an Irish tenor, but he is very suspicious, especially in regards to the mysterious Helsa. The two engage in a very physical brawl. Eventually, O'Reilly claims to be "Tony Garibaldi", an undercover cop with a Bronx accent-only to reveal himself as a Gestapo Agent named Klaus Stansdorff, sent to find German defectors. Nikki confronts him, but before he can reveal the truth, Helsa stabs him through a copy of Moby-Dick. The actor playing O'Reilly must be able to affect an Irish brogue, a Bronx accent, and a German accent. O'Reilly is involved in one the very physical fight scenes.

Monologue: (with an Irish accent to Nikki) Sure'n you're familiar with Ireland, colleen. Well, there's a spot in County Blarney which the sun, comin' over the McNamara mountains, hits first; wakin' the fine village of... McGillicuddy to another of God's days. It's there I'm from and it's there that I'll ever be. (with a Bronx NY accent) I'm not Irish, I'm Italian. Lt. Tony Garibaldi, N.Y.P.D. Working undercover on da case of da stage door slasher. The maid is the slasher and she's on her way up the river. Ok, Wenzel, the jig's up, come out with your hands up...Eins, Zwei, Drei. Vier, Funf, Acht, Neun, Zehn. (with a German accent) I am Klaus Stansdorff of the Geheime Staatspolizei. Temporarily assigned to the German Consulate in New a cultural attache'. What I want is you, Sergeant Kelly, to take the lantern and lead the way into the tunnel. Bitte, Sergeant, I could easily have killed you before, but I didn't. Why not? Professional courtesy.

Ken De La Maize

Early 40s

Ken is a "typical" director, speaking of theater as a "pure art." He also has an annoying habit of name-dropping, constantly citing the various celebrities he has worked with over the years. Everyone always claims to have seen the films he makes, only for him to reveal that they have not yet been released. The actor playing Ken should be able to sing, at least a little.

Monologue: be back. Back in the theater. That event as ancient as man and as mysterious and inspiring as the nature man once sought to imitate or appease in his earliest rituals...rituals we now call - the theater. Not moving pictures, but life. Life distilled to a pure clear ring of truth. Never forget that! (pause) Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take my sherry upstairs and into the bathtub. Get rid of some of the Union Pacific Railroad I brought with me. See you later.

Nikki Crandall Late 20s - Early 30s

Nikki is considered a typical chorus girl- but she is eventually revealed to be Ensign Nicole Crandall, of United States Naval Intelligence. Her secret mission was to find the Germans who were to sabotage American war efforts. She is also interested in solving the mystery of the Stage Door Slasher, and helps to break the code in Bebe's notebook. Ken almost kills her, as does Helsa/Dieter. Eddie saves her twice, prompting the two to fall in love. The actress playing Nikki should be able to sing.

Monologue: Don't make a move, Daddio, or you'll be pushing up daisies. (flashes an ID) Ensign Nicole Crandall, United States Naval Intelligence. The Nazis landed this guy and five others on Long Island three weeks ago. We caught four of them in Sag Harbor posing as novelists. The saboteurs had false identities, a half million dollars and a mission to blow up installations all over this country to effectively retard this country's communication system. But this guy and a guy named Franz Becker decided the money was more important than the Fatherland and took off with the do-re-mi. The Katzenjammer Kid here bumped off Becker for the greenbacks. We knew this guy had a sister, Helsa Wenzel, and thought it might be long shot he'd come here. (taking a pause) They sent me in to catch him because I was the only agent who could sing harmony.

Eddie McCuen Late 20s - Early 30s

Directly based on Bob Hope in the movie "The Cat and The Canary", Eddie is the out of work comedian that ties the different story lines together. He is attracted to Nikki, but fumbles when he tries to talk to her. He was a replacement for an actor, and thus has no connection to Manhattan Holiday. He is the one who realizes the connection between the Slasher case and the party, and later helps to defeat the slasher and Dieter. These brave actions unite him with Nikki. He has an obvious attraction to Nikki the whole play, and ultimately ends up saving the day and getting the girl. The actor playing Eddie should be able to sing and dance a little.

Monologue: I only got the gig yesterday. Some other guy got sick. My agent asked me, can I sing. Sure, I say...always say "yes," one of my rules. No matter what they ask, yes. This morning a limo picks me up, parks me in front with the chauffeur. Then we pick up a dame and a mug in Yorkville. What a trip! Driving in a snowstorm. I can't see a thing so I don't know how the driver can. And on top of that he's deaf! He had to be. I did forty minutes of my best stuff ...he don't crack a smile!

Marjorie Baverstock

Marjorie is a Broadway producer. She constantly flatters everyone around her, and speaks in elevated language; her "new word" is "divoon." She is accidentally killed by Dieter at the end of the first act; strangely, no one seems to notice, despite the fact that there is an enormous sword through her back.

Monologue: I didn't get to tell you Mr. McCuen, that I think it's simply divoon of you to fill in at the last minute like this. But I'm sorry to hear you want to leave, because I for one, would be quite sorry to see you go. I've been hearing such good things about your work. And of course, Ken De La Maize, who is directing the audition knows every agent in Hollywood. Elsa, I can't wait for you to hear the show. It's divoon, simply divoon. And I have a budget all worked out. Even down to the opening night party. We'll hold it at Sardi's, naturally, and if we charge the actors just a teensy cover charge, we'll break even.

Roger Hopewell


Roger is the composer for "White House Merry-Go-Round", and Bernice's partner; the two have had a string of Broadway hits. Roger enjoys teasing Ken about his artistic ways, but flares up whenever someone insults his musical style. He also knows how to deal with Bernice's many quirks. Towards the end of the play, Roger reveals a surprising knowledge of ciphers, and helps Nikki and Bernice break the code in Bebe's notebook. Ideally, the actor playing Roger should be able to play the piano and sing a little.

Monologue: (flamboyantly) Quick, someone, a martini. I am in danger of frostbite. Marjorie, sweetheart, I love your new word...divoon! (to O'Reilly) Your eyes are very blue. I'm not being licentious. A triple libidinous, perhaps. A bit lascivious. But not licentious. (turning to Ken) Ken! I didn't see you..How wonderful to be working with you again. I was saying to Bernice on the way here, now our script will have distilled truth, and clean rings, and new sparkplugs, and all those wonderful things that Ken does.

Bernice Roth


The perpetually thirsty lyricist and Roger's writing partner, Bernice is very odd and emotional, frequently losing her composure and screaming. When Marjorie fails to respond to the closing number of "White House Merry-Go-Round", Bernice is hugely offended, despite the fact that Marjorie was dead at the time. She spends the entire second act attempting to "fix" the play, even when she is held hostage by Ken, O'Reilly, and Dieter. In the finale, she is struck with inspiration toward a new work that takes place in the heartland of American-a cowboy play called Nebraska.

Monologue: Hi gang! Sorry I'm late getting downstairs, but the storm froze the lock on my overnight case and I've been upstairs heating it with a candle. And the candle kept dripping wax on the rug so I moved into the closet and set something on fire. See, I don't know what I set on fire, cause whatever it was burnt up. Then the maid comes in while I'm kneeling on the floor in the closet under this raging fire and wants to know if I'm Haitian! (to Roger) His eyes are very blue.


CLUE The Musical: Auditions

Auditions are on Saturday, March 21, 2020 from 1:00-5:00 pm and Sunday, March 22, 2020 from 1:00-5:00 pm in the Star Studio.


Auditions on Saturday, March 21, 2020 will be by appointment starting at 1:00 pm in the Star Studio until 5:00 pm. To make your 10 min appointment please email director Eric George at or call the Whidbey Playhouse Office during their office hours.


Auditions on Sunday, March 22, 2020 will be an Open Audition starting at 1:00 pm in the Star Studio and going until 5:00 pm.


We will have invited callbacks on Monday, March 23, 2020 in the Star Studio where we will read scenes from the show and have some light choreography. There is at this time no choreography that anyone coming to audition has to have memorized, although, that is subject to change.


If you care coming to audition, please have one song from a Classic or Modern Broadway show. We will have an accompanist during the audition process. Please do not come with the expectation to sing acapella, we will ask you to come back and audition at a different time or perform one of pieces that will available at the audition.


The cast size is eight principle actors. Below you will find Character Descriptions for each of the 8 characters in the show.


Miss Scarlet ~ Female, 20-40’s, Vocal Range: Wide with belt

A shrewd former Las Vegas lounge performer, Miss Scarlet is the sexy flirt of the suspects. She is also the former lover of Mr. Green. Miss Scarlett always has to be the center of attention. She is the kind of person who is usually dressed up rather than down. Orders a salad but eats off everyone else's plate. Has a lot of big, gaudy jewelry and a good heart. Scarlett knows she is beautiful and will flaunt that to her advantage. Scarlet has taken to dating wealthy bachelors. She jumps from one to the next without a thought, and will not hesitate on using her beauty to her advantage to guard herself.


Professor. Plum ~ Male or Female, 30-40’s, Vocal Range: Baritone

A Super genius, author and imposter who communicates using his own jargon. Meaning he has an unusual vocabulary, but is not necessarily vast. For example, if you were to only have one conversation with him you would think, "Wow he knows a lot of words". However, by the fifth conversation you are noticing that he just uses the same uncommon words repeatedly. . He is a very outgoing and intelligent man with some good-natured heart (if that even exists). Mr. Boddy ruined his family fortune.



Mr. Green ~ Male, 20-50’s, Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

A rude former business partner of Mr. Boddy. Think a slime, door-to-door or used car sales man. He is a smooth talker and is a former lover of Miss Scarlet. He tends to use lots of hand sanitizer and always has tissues. Peeks when playing hide and seek. Mr. Green found a calling in “Spirituality”. This means he sets up traveling tents and asks people to give him money, which is for the less fortunate, and that means the money is for him. During his travels, "Reverend" Green met and had certain dealings with Mr. Boddy.

Mrs. Peacock ~ Female, 30-50’s, Vocal Range: Mezzo with belt

A snobby sexy manipulative black widow socialite type, who also, happens to be the Chair of Peacock Enterprises. She is constantly making snide remarks and is extremely passive aggressive. She is proper, well educated, and has excellent manners, but is this just a disguise for her past? She is currently married to Mr. Boddy and cheating with Col. Mustard. She is suspected in the murder of five previous husbands.


Colonel Mustard ~ Male, 30-50’s, Vocal Range: Baritone

He is your typical adventurer with a military background who fancies himself a triumphant war colonel. Colonel Mustard continues to practice archery and shooting by going hunting. He is a dashing and handsome man with a proud demeanor. However, do not even think on crossing his path because he will love to challenge you to a duel and he will be very “polite” on asking due to he is not afraid to speak his mind. Colonel Mustard is currently having an affair with Mrs. Peacock. He is implicated in the death of Mr. Boddy's parents and was married to Mr. Boddy's mother after the death of her husband.

Ms. White ~ Male/Female, 20-50’s, Vocal Range: Wide

Fun-loving chief domestic of Boddy Manor. She has the common characteristics of the classic nosy butler. Think ½ of Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd and the other half Madame Thenardier. Is obsessed with weapons and birds. She owns nothing to her name and takes her domestic duties very seriously. If something is out of place, she had better not know about it. She can be very over the top, but can switch it off and be very proper at the drop of a hat.


Mr. Body ~ Male, 20-40’s, Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

The charismatic host of the game, and willing murder victim. He currently owns Boddy Manor, is also the husband of Mrs. Peacock. He loves to crack a joke. Must be very quick with a witty comeback, be able to ad lib, and keep the audience engaged.


The Detective~ Female, 20-40’s, Vocal Range: Wide

Hardnosed police type. Takes job very serious. Has a sense of humor that does not always make itself known? Will not be pushed around or manipulated.

ELF Jr. The Musical
Show Dates: December 5-15, 2019
Cast Announced!

Buddy, a young orphan, mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. The would-be elf is raised, unaware that he is actually a human, until his enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa's permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh realities that his father is on the naughty list and his half-brother doesn't even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas.

This modern day holiday classic is sure to make everyone embrace their inner elf. After all, the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.



Congratulations Cast:

BUDDY THE ELF:                                             KENYON SIRAK

SANTA:                                                                VINNY AMICO

CHARLIE:                                                         LOGAN HENDRIX

SHAWANDA:                                                      SOPHIA BAHNER


SUGAR PLUM MARY (ELF 2):                         `EMMA RIVAS

PEPPER MINTSTIX (ELF 3)                              HARPER ELMINI



SAM:                                                                   SABRINA CRAY

WALTER HOBBS:                                            DAVID VALENCIA

DEB:                                                                TINA MAGNOLI

EMILY HOBBS:                                                SHANTEL PORTER

MICHAEL HOBBS:                                           DAVID VALENCIA JR.

FRANK (SECURITY 1):                                     AADEN ADDAMS

JAMES (SECURITY 2):                                      AJ GIBSON

MIKE (MALL MANAGER):                               WILLIAM WEBB

PETER (FAKE SANTA):                                     ERIC GEORGE

CAROL (POLICE WOMAN):                             ASHLEY BERRY

BRAD (POLICE MAN):                                     JARED HENDRIX

SARAH:                                                           EMILY PERRIN

MRS. GREENWAY:                                          OLIVIA VALENCIA

CHADWICK:                                                    JULIAN LOWERT

MATTHEWS:                                                   JAMES BURKE

DARLENE LAMBERT:                                       ELLIE ROSE

EMMA VAN BROCKLIN:                                 MAGGIE GARRETT

PATTI(PASSERBY):                                          WENDY AMADIO

SANTA’S HELPER:                                           EMILY SCHIEDEL

KAREN(SALESWOMAN):                                BRITTANY HOHENSTEIN


BRITTANY HOHENSTEIN                                             ERIC GEORGE

EMILY SCHEIDEL                                                         JARED HENDRIX

ASHLEY BERRY                                                            IRVING HALE

KRISTA BURCKHARDT                                                HENRY LANGE

JOCELYN SHEA                                                            TOMMY SHEA

ROLAND GARRETT                                                     MAGGIE GARRETT

EMILIE PERRIN                                                            CHLOE PARKER

MEEKAH AMADIO                                                      HARPER ELMINI

CILLIAN BURKE                                                           LILLIAN ADAIR

EMMA RIVAS                                                              MADDIE TROYER

ELIZABETH HAUTER                                                    ARIELLA ROSE

SABRINA CRAY                                                           LAURIANNA NEWCOMB

AJ GIBSON                                                                  LUCAS ALLEN

DELANIE ALLEN                                                          JACOB LUJAN

JOSHUA LUJAN                                                           JULIAN LOWERT

WENDY AMADIO                                                        CHARLIANNE ELLER

RYANLEIGH NUANEZ                                                  JAMES BURKE

SOPHIE ERIKSON                                                        JESSICA TURNER

AADEN ADA                                                                SOPHIA BAHNER

MEGAN MCCLELLAN                                                  WILLIAM WEBB

HAZEL VAETH                                                             BRIDGET VAETH


MASH: Cast Announced

Directed by Cynthia Kleppang
Auditions: Saturday, November 2 @ 1300 and Sunday, November 3 @1900 

OPEN Auditions

Whidbey Playhouse STAR Studio, 730A Midway Blvd, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 


Thought you'd never go back and enjoy more time in Korea with M*A*S*H 4077? Think again! M*A*S*H is coming to WPH! Come see your old favorites Hawkeye and Duke as they cause madcap mayhem in the mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Join them, along with Colonel Blake, Major Houlihan, Trapper John, Father Mulcahey, and Radar, as these two zany chest surgeons decide to wage a campaign to get a young Korean to the United States for a good education.

























Place: Compound of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea

Time: A period of many months during the Korean Conflict


Please Note: 

Everyone is zany except for Burns and Houlihan. They are “army regular” and very uptight/self righteous.

We are looking for a divers cast including asian and African American descent.

Need a guitar player/singer.



17 - 18

Box Office: 360.679.2237  

Email us: Office@WhidbeyPlayhouse.Com


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