Job Opportunity

JOB TITLE: Office Manager

JOB TITLE: Office Manager

Reports To: Board of Directors via appointed Board Liaison

Position Purpose: Responsible for managing the Whidbey Playhouse facility(s) and coordinates

the daily operations of the theatre.

Essential Functions of Position: (The following criteria reflect fundamental job duties and

essential functions of this position but are not meant to be an exhaustive list.)

Salary Range: $25,000 - $32,000 depending on experience

I. Playhouse Operations Management:

A. Ensures the playhouse office is staffed during all hours open to the public.

B. Performs all bookkeeper duties in a timely manner including, but not limited to:

submitting payroll hours to the accountant, paying bills, submitting proper invoices,

entering deposits and expenses into QuickBooks; and preparing checks to be signed by

the Treasurer.

C. Accurately maintains records of all financial transactions with all receipts and pertinent

information attached.

D. Ensures office staff and volunteers follow all financial and office protocols and


E. Conducts background checks via Verified Volunteers and maintains the confidentiality

of all records.

F. Responsible for the communication flow between the Playhouse and all of its

constituents. This includes checking and responding to the Playhouse email daily.

G. Initiates and completes any and all applications and contracts for shows and events

presented or sponsored by the Whidbey Playhouse. This includes the ordering and

timely return of all scripts, scores, and other show related materials.

H. Coordinates all theatre box office ticket printing, advance individual and group sales,

ensuring accuracy of all reservations and the accounting of all box office receipts.

I. Accurate maintenance of all season tickets, coordinating seat assignments, and

dissemination of tickets and materials to subscribers.

J. Prints and copies programs as needed for performances.

K. Maintains and regularly updates the volunteer database.

L. Provides a written Office Manager’s report prior to monthly meetings of the Board of


M. Accurately maintains all other records necessary for the successful operation of the


II. Facility Maintenance

A. Coordinates with the maintenance staff the care, security, and proper maintenance of

Whidbey Playhouse property(s) and its contents.

B. Schedules Playhouse building use and non-Playhouse use of theater equipment. This

includes the maintenance of the online calendar of events going on in the Playhouse


C. Coordinates with Kitchen Manager before each show to ensure items are in stock.

II. Sales Generation, Public Relations and Customer Service:

A. Ensures exceptional customer service is provided to each Whidbey Playhouse patron

and customer.

B. Coordinates and/or assists the Marketing Specialist with: season ticket sales promotion;

advertising and production of the season program; and researching and implementing

methods for promoting and advertising the Whidbey Playhouse and its activities to the

local and surrounding communities.

C. Ensures display of current announcements related to productions and events on both

interior and exterior bulletin boards.

D. Coordinates with the Annex Chairs regarding information materials and assists in

promotion of Playhouse costumes and props for use by the public.

III. Personnel Management:

A. Ensures a quality level of service is provided by all staff, contracted custodial and

maintenance providers.

B. Trains any paid staff and volunteer box office personnel to ensure consistency of

procedures and service standards.

C. Completes annual performance evaluations for paid staff.

IV. Other Responsibilities:

A. Performs other related duties as necessary or required.

V. Equipment/Physical Requirements:

A. Functions can primarily be performed seated at a desk or table, however a greater

amount of standing is necessary during peak box office periods.

B. Employee must be able to lift sixty pounds and climb two flights of stairs.

C. Equipment/Software used includes: computer, printer, copier/scanner, QuickBooks,

Dropbox and the Office Suite of products (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).

VI. Education, Skills and Knowledge desired for this position:

A. High School Diploma or equivalent

B. Excellent customer services skills

C. Strong managerial skills

D. Two years experience in bookkeeping and confidential record keeping.

E. One year experience coordinating or supervising volunteers and/or employees.

F. Experience using QuickBooks and the Office Suite of products.

G. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

H. Ability and initiative to work independently.


Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Office Manager at the

Whidbey Playhouse. 

Please include the following documents in your submission:

-A resume

-A cover letter

-A completed application

-Three letters of reference

Return the completed packet to:

Whidbey Playhouse

Attn: Allenda Jenkins

P.O. Box 571

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Or email completed application packet to Allenda Jenkins:

Completed packets should be received no later than midnight April 15, 2020. Packets

that are incomplete may not be considered. You can expect to be contacted between

April 20 and April 30 to set up an interview if qualified. Thank you for your interest in

this position!

Whidbey Playhouse Board

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Email us: Office@WhidbeyPlayhouse.Com


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