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Did you know that theater training helps you child build self-confidence, appreciate the importance of communication, develop empathy and use their imagination and more!

Sign up your child at the Playhouse Office Tuesday thru Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm.


This program incorporates the basics of theater acting, vocal training, body language, stage presence, blocking, etc. There will be some lecturing but most of the sessions would involve acting games giving the actors the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.  Scripts will be distributed throughout the training.  There will be a final script to be used in a performance for the final week of classes.   



Why theater for children? 

  • Theater, unlike anything else, can really help a child to mature.  

  • Theater is a “team-sport”.  Everyone has to do his or her part in order to make a production work.  

  • It can create enormous pressure.  Getting up on stage and performing is notoriously nerve-wracking.  It can help pull a shy child out of his/her shell.  

  • It teaches discipline.   You have to learn your lines or look foolish on stage.  

  • Each play has a message that a child can learn from.  

  • Theater takes a child away from the television, computer or mall and forces them to socialize with his/her peers.  

  • You can develop wonderful relationships between kids of all ages.  As I’ve seen time and time again, the older actors love helping the younger actors.  


Our program: 

  • is open to all young people of Elementary and Middle School age.. 

  • will last for 8 weeks 

  • will have rehearsals 2 days a week during that time span 

  • will provide training in all aspects of theater

  • will end with a live performance open to the families of the actors

  • is restricted to 20 children for each class.

Class fee - $125 (Scholarships available)

Also, if you have one or more siblings the extra child(ren) will be admitted into the program for $60.

Novice class 

The Elementary School (Novice) class will be taught by Kathy Hawkes who has a Master in Education and Lori Stahl, her Assistant. 

Classes begin on February 6th, 2023 thru Tuesday, March 21, 2023 for 7 weeks at the Star Studio and run on  Monday and Tuesday each week from 4 to 6 P.M.

Entertainer class 

The Middle School (Entertainer) class will be taught by Shelby Montoya, who has been involved with the program both as a student and a teacher and her Assistant; Wes Moran.   

Beginning Wednesday, February 8th through Thursday, March 23, 2023 for 7 weeks

5 PM to 7 PM – Whidbey Playhouse Star Studio


Showcase week for both classes is March 27th through 30th, 2023. During Showcase Week, there will be rehearsals with both classes preparing for the Showcase on Monday and Tuesday March 27th and 28th


Showcase Performances for both classes will be on March 29 and 30th beginning at 5 PM. 


Tuition Cost:  $125.00 per child due by February first practice.  (Scholarships available.)

Also, if you have one or more siblings the extra child(ren) will be admitted into the program for $60. 

Please note that there is a limit of 20 children per class, so sign up early to ensure that your child gets the opportunity to perform on stage!

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