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Would-be-Players: Enroll your child in acting classes

Did you know that theater training helps you child build self-confidence, appreciate the importance of communication, develop empathy and use their imagination and more!

Would-be-Players is a great opportunity for your elementary and middle school kids in acting classes this February. Get the details here.

Why are acting classes a great option for kids?

Besides being incredibly fun, theater helps young people develop many of the skills necessary for success in today’s world:

Self-Confidence: Throughout the rehearsal and performance process, young performers discover how to take creative and emotional risks and learn to trust their abilities.

Literacy: Students increase reading and writing skills at their own pace by immersing themselves in the story, reading and re-reading their scripts, memorizing their lines and taking notes at rehearsal.

Communication: During rehearsals, students learn how to articulate their thoughts and questions. They must carefully listen to direction in order to improve their performances.

Imagination: Theater is most dynamic when the imaginations of its participants are fully engaged. Students make countless interpretive choices in design and performance to create a detailed, fictional world for their audiences.

Empathy: Through character work and story creation, young performers explore the lives of others. First-hand perspectives of new circumstances challenge prejudices and aid in the development of well-rounded students and citizens.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The amount of work required to successfully put on a show makes all participants valuable troubleshooters. Whether inventing mnemonics to remember lines, adjusting staging to show off everyone’s faces or mastering a tricky scene change, students have countless opportunities to creatively tackle challenges.

Self-Discipline: Through prompt attendance at rehearsals and learning lines, music and choreography on schedule, students acquire valuable self-discipline techniques and become reliable and trustworthy members of an ensemble.

Community Awareness: A theatrical production provides ample opportunities to connect with our families and neighbors. Students can engage parents, community centers and local vendors to help create sets, props, costumes and publicity.

Public Speaking: Whether performing for their peers during rehearsal or for their school and local community during a performance, students gain expertise and confidence speaking in front of a group.

Teamwork: Theater requires extensive creative input from all its participants. Students build ensemble by working together to rehearse, construct, promote and perform their show. Every role – whether onstage or behind the scenes – is vital for the show’s success.

As you can see, our students will gain valuable life skills through their participation in this program. Of course, we’re always looking for parent volunteers to help pull everything together. Please contact your child’s teacher if you’d like to lend a hand with the program. Thank you for your continued support of your child during this educational experience.

But don't take our word for it, hear from alumni and parents directly:

Hi Mr. Thomas,

I don't know if you remember me, but I wanted to say thank you. Through the Would-Be Players, and everything you taught me, I was equipped for so many things I have done in life since then. You taught me to study and understand and SEE people. You taught me to take a deep breath and step outside my comfort zone. You taught me to square my shoulders and stand up and speak in front of people… Thank you for all that you did to invest in us. It had a big impact on my life, and continues to.

From Sara W. Would-Be Player Alumni 2014-2016 Received January 7, 2022

Our children have developed friendships to last a lifetime through their involvement with the Would-Be Players. Their teachers accept all children warmly and encourage them to push themselves in new directions. My kids have learned to be responsible and dependable and theater has taught them the value and necessity of teamwork.

From Chris S. Parent 2018

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much our daughter has enjoyed being a part of the Whidbey Island Playhouse “Would Be Players” Novice Group. While the fall season was only her first with the group, it is clear to see how beneficial the activities have already been. Her confidence and determination are high and she really believes that she can do anything! She has tried many activities before and I can clearly say that none have captured her interest and imagination like performing. The effort teachers Nathan McCartney and Chris invested was truly remarkable; they are true STARS! Thank you for all you do – we look forward to many years together and watching our daughter grow as the group does too! Keep up the great work!

From Albert O. Parent 2016

Our daughter joined your group of players in the spring of 2015 and has continued… The personal growth she has experienced and the bonds she has developed with other young people in the group has been a blessing. She has always been an introvert of sorts, and the acting experience she has gained has helped to promote the confidence she now has in herself. Developing an ability to perform and speak in front of an audience has helped her to mature exponentially. She has made friends with many in the group where she had difficulty doing so in the past. … These lessons and opportunities provide skills these young people will use and value throughout their lives. … Her teachers have commented on her boosted confidence with regard to her participation in class and with her peers.

From Amy & Rick H. Parent 2018

Four years ago, we heard of a program beginning at Whidbey Playhouse for young children interested in theater, called the "Would-Be Players". Having had very little interaction with the Playhouse up to that point, we were cautious about allowing our then 11-year-old daughter to take part. She was interested in acting, though, so with a bit of trepidation and a sense of expectancy we took her to the program.

She went that first day a shy, somewhat introverted little girl with few friends her age. She came back bubbling with excitement over the fun she had and talking non-stop about the kids she met. Those 'kids', over the past four years, have grown into her best friends, and as far as she's concerned, they will be life-long ones. It has been a joy for us as parents to watch them grow and mature together, both in their acting abilities as well as young women and men.

The "Would Be Players" has been an instrumental part in that development, providing regular opportunity for them to experience creativity, teamwork, structure, and a whole lot of fun. Their time together has taught them how to relate to and work together with people from diverse backgrounds, with different beliefs and varied ages. Additionally, she and her friends have grown in confidence both publicly and privately thanks to the numerous opportunities they have had to perform. Further, thanks to the training and encouragement provided in class, many of the students, including our daughter, have gone on to perform in the Whidbey Playhouse musicals and plays.

From David & Julianna K. Parents 2016

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